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We'd like to thank Bill McGann (shown, above) for all his contributions to the world of cycling over the years as the founder, owner and braintrust of Torelli Bicycles.   Bill and his wife, Carol, brought us many loads of amazing products from the birthplace of modern cycling: Italy.  Their retirement is well earned!  Bill now runs the website, where you can get info and details on the world's bike races in near-real-time:

Bike Race Info

Their specialty was always Italian, steel frames that rode like butter and put a smile on every rider's face.  Our relationship with Torelli introduced us to the legendary Italian steel frame builder Antonio Mondonico and his son Mauro.  We fitted many, many riders to Mondonico's bikes over the years to their highest satisfaction.  in 2005, Antonio retired and we were left with another void in the Italian steel frame department.  Luckily, our friendship with the Mondonicos led to the birth of Cicli il Massimo.

We miss the passion that these people had for cycling and for always taking care of the customer.  They actually cared about you after you made your purchase! They were the anti-corporate bike industry, the antidote for all the marketing hype that fogs over the lack of interest and knowledge from current industry 'pros'.  Ahhhhh...Bill, Carol, Antonio, we miss you all!

But, do not fear.  We have filled the holes, so to speak!  We now have a full lineup of il Massimo, Ciocc, Guerciotti, and Barco frames that harken back to the glory days of Italian cycling and are designed, built and sold by people with much soul and passion.

Please take alook at our lineups from:

il Massimo






Each brand offers a range of stunning frames and full bikes.

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