Hey Alex -

Thanks for the note.  I was soooooo lucky, there was no one at customs.  I was about to go "declare it" and then I saw no one at the door checking so I scurried quickly out.  Everyone must have thought I was crazy since I had a huge smile as I walked out to the street.  Thank you for the "dirt" and taking such good care of me for my purchase.  We have had spring like 60-70 degree weather and I saw a bunch of mountain bikers out this week.  I will take my bike to get set up and start riding it.  Good thing ski season ended early this year :)
I will send along photos as soon as I have more.  If you ever make it over to Italy/Switzerland, you have a friend in Zurich to show you around!

Thanks again Alex.  Glad you like the new KAYAK commercial -I will have to see what one that is.  Generally people tell me how weird they are, so its nice to know we have a fan :)

The bike is fantastic! I absolutely love it. I've been on some big 130km rides with 2 mountain 
passes in the Swiss Alps and the bike is fantastic. And downhill it goes like the wind!! The only buddy that 
can follow me downhill also has a steel bike. I'm a little less fast uphill than most my buddies 
because they are all fly weights on carbon frames but I wouldn't exchange my bike for anything.

Unfortunately my back history is catching up and I have to be a little careful. Now even on a 
short 40km ride my back gets sore.


Thanks for the tuneup you did on my bike.  It has never run bettter.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for getting my bike ready for this year's PMC.  That last adjustment really did the trick.

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