One of the cornerstones of the Italians' importance to the world of bicycle design and bicycle building is their unmatchable experience in the field.  By 'in the field' we mean ON THE ROAD...riding.  Italians have been there, done that.  They have tried everything.  When they stamp a frame, material, or design, with their approval...they do it after they have tried it and compared every finding to the wealth of experience they have.

Very few brands or names can claim the level of experience guerciotti has with everything cycling related.  Guerciotti’s compelling story started in 1964 when Italo, a noted and expert cyclocross rider, decided with his brother Paolo to open a small shop of 20 square meters (for selling and maintenance of bicycles, in Via Petrella 4, Milan). It was Italo who transmitted cycling passion to Paolo… in 1961 he began to ride, revealing his competitive and successful dedication to cyclocross, riding the world championships in Saccolongo, 1979. Paolo Guerciotti decided to open a shop in Buenos Aires.  From there, the men were able to grow the company step by step with true passion for cycling leading the charge.

Now, in 2015, Guerciotti maintains a enviable position worldwide in the market of high performance road bicycles.  At Smart Cycles, we are excited with the opportunity to offer these world-class bicycles to our customers!

Carbon Models:
Eureka SHM50
Eclipse 769
Eureka EVO
Steel Model:

Eureka SHM 50

The Eureka SHM50 is composed of carbon material with 75% 30tons High Modulus IMS60 carbon pre-peg + 20% 46tons Ultra High Modulus HS40 Carbon Pre-Peg+ 5% 60Tons Super High Modulus XN-60 Carbon Pre-Peg.

The material system applied includes an high performance composite materials technology and special graphite fiber and epoxy resin. – the same system is commonly used in aeronautics, aerospace and automobile industry. Eureka SHM50 is realized with an innovative process Advanced VaBm+EPU high level molding process, thanks to a unique technology ensuring lightweight and extremely high values of STW (Stiffness To Weight).

The system Advanced VaBm (bladder molding process under vaccum control) is a process where the air inside the carbon layers will be pumped out during the molding process. The stiffness and strength of carbon frame with VaBm increases around 3% compare with the regular bladder molding without vacuum control. Applying the system EPU (Expanded PU Shell) inside the lugs such as bottom bracket, Aheadset tube, seat lug, it will increase the strength of the carbon frame around 3-5%. The result of these working systems brings to a superior impact absorption of the frame for comfort riding, keeping at the same time a very good response and acceleration from the bike.

This frame is used by the CCC Polsat professional racing team.

Frame weight: 0.99Kg
Frame info: Shimano Di2 or Campagnolo EPS
Fork: Monocoque
BB Shell: Pressfit
Aheadset: oversize 1-1/8 - 1-1/4
Chassis seatpost: 31.6mm
Rider weight limit: 100 kg

Frameset: $3650* includes carbon seat post and Tektro brakes.

Eclipse 769 is one of the lightest frames in the market and it is the flagship of NO LIMIT CARBON ENGINEERING.

To build the Eclipse 769, the best Toray carbon filaments were used for the front triangle and bars. UD-HHM-M55J (high module and high resistance) asymmetrically positioning provides higher resistance to stress during frame use, with the additional potential of reducing weight value and maximizing the resistance/weight ratio. As for the seat and chainstay, aeronautic classified material, HM and HS, were used (high module and high resistance by Toray), combined with M55J fibers, with localized layers and reinforcement to achieve weight, rigidity and resistance standards.

Frames are constructed with the “tube to tube” system and, during all the processing, banding, resin processing, sanding and painting phases, the frame is constantly weighed to keep final weight under control. Localized reinforcements are inserted when laminating all tubes in the frame according to the type of stress applied to each single frame area. Lastly, the frame is subject to rigidity and break tests using specific machinery. An additional new feature is the use of the new FSA BB386EVO system which represents the latest bottom bracket shell standard evolution. BB386EVO is the first standard to be designed to combine all the benefits of previous standards, considering all the different aspects: crank optimization, frame optimization and their combination. The choice of the 27.2 seat post and 1-1/4” monocoque dropout was key in guaranteeing the incredible 769 gram weight.

Also, the Eclipse 769 has been used by the CCC Polsat professional team.

Frame weight: 0.769Kg
Frame info: Shimano DI2 and Campagnolo EPS
Fork: Monocoque
BB Shell: BB386EVO
Aheadset: 1-1/8 - 1-1/4
Chassis seatpost: 27.2mm
Rider weight limit: 80Kg

Frameset: $5800*

Eureka EVO is built using High Module SHM carbon. The selected carbon fibres are the best on the market including IM600 and UM40. It is the frame used in the 2014 by the pro team Meridiana Kamen and Team Idea Conad.

Frame weight: Kg 0,970
Frame info: Predisposto per Shimano DI2 e Campagnolo EPS (solo per batteria esterna). Prepared for Shimano DI2 and Campagnolo EPS (only for external battery)
Fork: Monocoque
BB Shell: BSA
Aheadset: a spessori differenziati/oversize 1-1/8 - 1-1/2
Chassis seatpost: 31.6
Weight limit: 95 kg

Frameset: $2900*


The composition of carbon fiber material used for Alero is composed by 85% 24tons High Strength T700SC Carbon Pre-Peg with 15% Tons High Modulus IM600 Carbon Pre-Peg.

Alero keeps a very good balance between weight and performance, ensuring features like high stiffness, good response and acceleration, as well as comfortable riding. The tech features of frameset and the light weight put the rider on a level much higher than the normal average range.

Frame weight: 1.07kg
Frame info: Shimano DI2 and Campagnolo EPS (only for external battery)
Fork: Full Carbon
BB Shell: BSA
Aheadset: 1-1/8 - 1-1/2
Chassis seatpost: 31.6mm
Rider weight limit: 110kg

Frameset: $2000*

Cartesio is the entry level carbon model for Guerciotti. It is made with T700 24-ton Toray carbon fiber. The finish is UD to provide higher quality and lighter weight. Although it is entry-level, it is more compatible to mod/top range in it the technical specifications and materials.

Frame weight: Kg 1,170
Fork: carbon
BB Shell: BSA
Aheadset: 1-1/8
Chassis seatpost: 31.6mm
Rider weight limit: 100 kg

Frameset: $1800*

The Record is one of the most popular models in the Guerciotti catalogue. It is a product for all vintage lovers and customizable with any color.

Frame weight: 1.68kg
Fork: Acciao/Steel
BB Shell: BSA
Aheadset: 1” Threadless
Chassis seatpost: 27.2mm
Rider weight limit: 130kg

Framset: $1500*

More details, including geometries for each model can be viewed at .

*Contact us for exact pricing.  Prices can vary due to a variety of cost fluctuations.

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