One of Giant's tag lines is: RIDE WITHOUT LIMITS.  When you consider their wide lineup of road bike platforms and the bikes themselves, you really aren't limited at all in your options.

Giant is the biggest manufacturer of bikes to the US bike market.  They are considered to be the best high-quality bike factory in the world.

Giant offers top-notch design, innovation, production, performance and value to their bike customers.  It isn't possible to find another company that has the experience and expertise that Giant has.  From raw materials, to tubing design, to frame building - Giant leads the way.

The Giant road bike platform is divided like this:

Defy and Avail Models - Endurance style bikes for entry level and entusiasts, long distance and comfort minded riders.

Defy and Avail Advanced Models - Endurance bikes for riders interested in stepping up to Carbon frames and upper rung gear.

TCR Models - Race ready bikes available in aluminum or carbon for the rider who want's to cross into the sport and performance lane.

Propel Models - Race ready aero bikes for cutting through the wind.





You can view the entire line of Giant bikes HERE!

125 years ago, roads were not what they are now. They were unforgiving and cobbled. Most roads then were nothing more than dirt paths that were rutted out from horse buggy wheels. This is when we started making road bikes. This is when we started to learn what truly makes a road bike and what makes that bike connect with a rider. From our podium finishing CX and carbon race bikes, to our all out adventure seeing steel bikes. We make bikes that carry people farther than they ever thought possible, and bikes for every day commuting abuse. The surfaces we ride on have changed, and our bikes have evolved with them every step of the way.

This is where it all began.This is our Past, our Present, and our Future. Raleigh took a simple passion and turned it into 125 years of legacy. It is the bikes we make today that will live on to see future generations discover a simple two wheeled machine and continue the love affair we’ve had with them since 1887.

Raleigh bicycles are known for great dollar value and are hard to beat considering the equipment your get for the money!  The Raleigh lineup is also split into 4 platforms:

Endurance - Our most popular series of Raleigh bikes. Comfortable and stable, for casual to enthusiast type riders.
Heritage Steel

Here are some of our favorite models:

Revenio 2

Revenio Carbon 2

Capri Carbon 2

Grand Prix

You can view all the Raleigh Bikes HERE!

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