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www.stjude.org  - St. Jude's Research Hospital for Children.  St. Jude is the patron Saint of hopeless causes.  The thousands of children treated at the Hospital annually are often exploring their last hope at the facility.  Please think of them as you make your charitable contributions.  

www.giantbicycles.com - Giant USA!

www.harobikes.com - Haro's website!

www.bianchiusa.com -  126 Years of Bianchi bikes! 

www.redlinebicycles.com - See all of Redline's Bikes and goodies!

www.santacruzmtb.com - Yes, you guessed it, Santa Cruz's website!

www.intensecycles.com - Bikes from INTENSE!

www.bustedspoke.com - Great Northeast MTB Resource and Forum

www.giant-bicycle.com - Giant bicycle company's site!

www.jefflenosky.com  - Check out the Giant stunt rider Jeff Lenosky doing his stuff!

www.hansrey.com - The pioneer and reigning king of bicycle trials.  From world-class competitions to Hollywood movies to biking adventures in the farthest reaches of this planet, Hans Rey is the picture of bicycling lifestyle! 

www.usacycling.org - Norba's homesite!

www.mtbr.com - Full blown E-Zine for mountain bikers!  Great list of trails along with some very interesting trail reviews!

www.mtbiking.com - Another mountain biker site

www.nymets.com - National League Baseball Club

www.espn.com - Sports News Galore!

www.rottentomatoes.com - Movie reviews!

www.msswct.org - Western CT Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society...nice bike event every September!

www.cnn.com - If the US dropping bombs on someone....get the details here!

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