24" BIKES for AGES 6 to 12

Buying a good quality bike for your child at Smart Cycles is easy.  We will help you determine which size is best considering your child's size, age, ability, any special concerns and intended use. Safety is always the #1 consideration but we also want you to select a bike that will be FUN for the rider and also that will LAST, not like those toy store and department store junkers.

The info we provide here on sizing and bike types for kids is very accurate, but sometimes, a rider's very specific needs will require a size or style 'off' this grid.  Sometimes you can get a bigger bike, which is great because it will last longer!  A visit to Smart Cycles and a test-ride are worth a million words, so come on down.

24" Wheeled Bikes - Parents are quite surprised when their 7 or 8 year old can fit perfectly on a 24" bike.  These bikes are just small scale adult mountain bikes.  They are great for any type of riding that a 7 to 12 year old is likely to be doing.  A lot of times, children that come in to look at a 24" bike can actually go one size larger - again, to mom and dad's surprise.  The goal always, is safety and fun, but we have many kids out on bikes with 26" wheels.  Either way, our selection has you well covered.

HARO Flightline 24

GIANT Areva 24

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