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BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross.  These bikes are descendant from motorcycles that are used for short track racing.  BMX racing is still very popular all over the world. This highly visual sport makes for a lot of dream bikes in the eyes of youngsters.  The great thing about them is that they are simple, durable and because they come one-size-fits all, kids don't physically outgrow them.  Yes, the 6'5" pros that race BMX ride the same size bike that your 4' 9-year old wants.  We carry simple, inexpensive BMX bikes as well as high caliber racing bikes...our selection is pretty sweet....bring the kids down to the store!

FREESTYLE = TRICK RIDING!  Typically, a freestlye bike is designed for doing complicated manuevers on land or in the air.  They come with front and rear brakes and usually two sets of axle pegs! 

The newest type of BMX bike, jumping bikes have pretty much designed with one purpose in mind....being launched off ramps by professional riders.  The higher and farther the better and the biggest crash usually gets the most applause!  They are also called dirt bikes, because they are beefy enough to withstand the rigors of rough trail rides or dirt jumps as well.  These bikes are as durable as it gets...again, they are on-size fits all, simple and practical for what most youngins' need! 

Redline Proline Expert

Redline Roam

Redline Proline Micro

HARO Downtown DLX

Haro Boulavard RAMP

HARO Boulevard


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